Hair Accessories in 2022: Most Popular Styles for Ponytail Holders, Hair Barrettes, and Clips

Hair Accessory Trends For 2022

Another year, another set of exciting hair trends!

From ponytails to hair barrettes and clips, there are so many hair accessories to choose from. Here’s our expert guide to make sure you stay on trend in 2022!

Trendy Hair Clips

Last year we saw the resurgence of the claw hair clip, and the trend is here to stay! We’re moving forward with the effortless look that claw clips bring out. The 90s trend is only continuing to ramp up, so mini claw clips are a must-have, as well. Checker print is also going to be huge this year, so grabbing a checker print hair clip, like this one from Camila Hair Accessories, is essential.

How to Wear Them?

You can wear larger claw clips in several ways. Twist the bulk of your hair into a ponytail, then up on the back of your head and attach it with the claw clip, allowing the top to hang down. You can also do a half-up, half-down look and use the claw clip to pin up just the top half of your hair. Mini claw clips can be added in a row, like a headband or crown. Not sure how to add in checker print? Read our hair accessory styling guide.

Beautiful Barretes

Maximalist barrettes are taking over the hair world! This includes barrettes covered in pearls, as well as quirky, unique barrettes like this one. Additionally, we’re seeing XL barrettes taking over. 2022 is all about making a statement with your hair, so the bigger, the better! Bonus points if your XL barrette is covered in pearls or rhinestones.

How to Wear It?

Barrettes are best worn close to the face, sweeping your bangs away. Try wearing your hair in a middle part, then taking two matching barrettes and using them to hold the front pieces of your hair away from your face. You can do a side part with your hair, and, on the side with less hair, use a barrette to secure the hair back and away from your face. You can also go true maximalist and stack multiple beautiful barrettes in your hair.

Fun Ponytail Holders

As noted above, the 90s fashion throwbacks are continuing well into this year - including ponytail holders and hair ties! Organza scrunchies - that big, gauzy material - will be huge this year. When you’re not in the mood for such a huge statement, it’s still important to wear a fun hair tie with some additional flair. Ponytail holders with bobbles on them, like these from Camilla Hair Accessories, as well as fuzzy hair ties, are perfect.

How to Wear It?

Organza scrunchies are best worn low, so add them to your low ponytail or bun. Fun hair ties with bobbles or fuzziness can be worn however you like! Use them in your space buns, high ponytails, and at the end of your braids.

Beautiful barrettes, french hair barrettes, clip-ins, ponytails, and more - your options for hair accessories are endless. The biggest takeaway for this year’s hair trends is this: the bigger, the better! When in doubt, go for maximalism and you’ll be in style.

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