What does a Handmade Comb bring to the Table?

Kent Handmade Combs

Some men in their early 30s start losing their hair. Subtly at first, a receding hairline or thinning hair, but through genetics, bad hygiene, an improper diet or other risk factors, it can turn into full on baldness. With some factors, like genetics, it could be impossible to control - but by changing a few of your habits you can protect yourself. Brushing and combing your hair every day can stimulate your scalp, keeping your follicles healthy and stimulated. Cheaping out on the material that you’re grooming yourself with can have the opposite effect. Tugging and pulling your hair, damaging your scalp and causing irreversible damage to your epidermis and skin.

The master craftsmen at KENT have spent generations crafting a solution for this. The product, after generations of perfecting the art of saw-cutting, is the hand-cut comb. Each tooth hand polished to glide through your hair like a hot knife through butter. The act of hand polishing makes this mastercraft absent of all the flaws that traditionally haunt the competition. The lightweight and durable material that these combs are made of lasts a lifetime. And by stimulating the natural oils inside of your hair cuticles, the benefits of the comb last a lifetime too.


Why Kent is so good?

French-born Master Barber, Martial Vivot, makes the distinction between the simple petrochemical plastic combs and the handcrafted cellulose acetate combs. The petrochemical combs cause static, chip and fracture with use, and over time turn into scalp-shredding razors destroying any flowering follicles you may have. Never in a million years would he have these plastic electromagnets step foot in his salong, Martial Vivot Salon Pour Hommes, as in his words these plastic combs are “the Enemy of Hair.”

In contrast to Martial Vivot’s scathing review of petrochemical combs, he regards the hand-crafted process that Kent brings to the table in high regard. “A comb should be gentle on your scalp,” and saw-cut and hand polished combs are as gentle as it comes. With the traditional seam-lines present on injection mold combs gone, Kent combs glide like a manta through your hair, gently riding the waves of your hair and massaging the growing follicles at the basin of your scalp.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, while little can be done to avoid hair loss caused by genetic conditions or autoimmune disorders, a simple change in your grooming routine can help you start bringing it back. Daily combing and brushing can help maintain your natural shine and retain the health of your scalp. A healthy scalp brings with it healthier hair, less tangles, and a better look and feel every day. With the number of men and women suffering from hair loss increasing every day, think of the benefits adding a handmade comb to your morning routine could bring you.

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April 27, 2022 — Ivan Lopez-Bosch

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