KB Candy Ball Tipped Bristle 5-Row Styling Hair Brush

  • BUILT FOR DAILY USE: Kent Candy brushes are built to be used anywhere and at any time, with the ergonomic finish to style short to medium length hair. Coupled with Kent's static free silicone, this brush is the hassle free grooming brush for you!
  • THE COMFORT OF HYGIENE: The Candy's removable silicone pad brings a new level of control to your grooming experience. Once removed, the pad is easy to clean, allowing for a cleaner and much more healthier brushing lifestyle.
  • TRAVEL PERFECTION: Coming in at 6.5" and 4 oz, this is the perfect travel brush for your carry-on or fanny pack for your next flight. A sweet balance of lightweight design and efficient bristle handicraft, this brush is great company on any voyage.

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