Soft and Firm Natural Bristle Doube Sided Cherrywood Clothes Brush

  • Luxury Double-Sided Clothes Brush 10.5 Inch, filled with two strengths of natural bristle. The firm natural bristle side is suitable for removing mud or dirt from any fabrics, while the soft natural bristle side is suitable for gentle brushing for softer fabrics such as wool, cashmere and silk. A pet hair remover and suede shoe brush. Brushing you garments will extend the time needed between dry cleanings that will damage your clothes
  • Synthetic bristles are hard and they can scratch the fabric, the natural boar bristles clothe brush is the perfect tool to care for your delicate clothes it will "lift" fabric fibers to remove any accumulated pilling, dust, dirt, fibers and fluff keeping your suits, coats, hats and other garments looking clean and rejuvenated. A great pet hair remover brush
  • A good clothe brush will remove dirt and food accumulated on the outer layers of your clothes before they have a chance to settle into the fabric. These bits which will cause damage to your clothes and shorten their lifespan. The best sweater defuzzer and pet fur remover in the market, give it a quick brush to remove any dust when you pull the clothing from the closet

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