Boar Bristle Travel Size Complete Men's Grooming Kit 1

  • COMPLETE BEARD BRUSH SET: Not sure which brush is right for your beard? No need to guess anymore. This professionally organized premium gift box comes with 1) Military Style Paddle Brush for Daily Grooming, (1) Long Handle Touch Up Brush, (1) Small Pocket Size for when he's on the go, (1) quick styling wooden beard comb, and (1) hairbrush cleaner. Ideal to tame, groom, soften, and style beards.
  • KEEPS BEARD SHINY AND SMOOTH: The boar bristle cherrywood brush massages your facial hair, stimulates oil production, and removes dirt, thereby keeping your facial hair and skin healthy. The anti static wood comb detangles wet and dry beards with ease.
  • BEARD BRUSH & COMB: Double-sided wooden comb perfect for all types of beards. It's thick tooth finish will give your beard a fine touch and leave your beard feeling smooth all the time. The brushes are made out of Cherrywood. Its natural boar bristles will help scrub away the dead skin without pulling hairs. This combination makes the manipulation of beards very easy.