5 Benefits of Mustache and Beard Grooming

January 27, 2022 3 min read

5 Benefits of Mustache and Beard Grooming

Hate it or love it, facial hair is never going out of style; It has been a part of male fashion for thousands of year. Although a lot of people grow beards for ~aesthetic~ purposes, there is actually a whole lot more you stand to gain with regular beard and mustache maintenance.

Obviously, no one likes a rough and unkempt beard. So, here are five of the many benefits of keeping a well-groomed beard. Don't forget that a groomed beard begins with a proper comb. If you need the best beard and mustache combs and brushes on the market, you can find Kent Beard Combs, Giorgio Combs, and more at Bayside Brush Co. 

So, what do you actually stand to benefit from growing and grooming your beards and mustache? Here are your excuses!

1. Grooming your beard will help it grow.

As you brush your beard and mustache, a comb or brush with soft bristles or teeth will stimulate your hair follicles and promote hair growth. It's a win-win; you stay lookin' good while growing your beard! 

2. Facial hair will help with acne.

Ditch the razor, and invest in a comb! Beards and mustaches protect the skin surface and follicles from dirt and bacteria. Most razors used during shaving also expose the individual to these harmful bacteria. During the shaving process, the follicles become exposed, giving bacteria an opportunity to find their way in. When you keep growing your beard without having to shave frequently, you would be free from this risk. So, less acne! Rather than shaving every now and then, brushing your beard with the right combs such as the Giorgio G57 or the Kent 81T seems like a better option! 

3. Beards will protect against infections

Facial hair has been discovered to help keep the mouth protected from many harmful airborne bacteria. Interestingly enough, this has been documented as far back as 1875! Even our ancestors knew facial hair was always a better and healthier choice. Therefore, by having a stylish beard you are significantly more protected against common throat diseases. 

4. Beards are good for the immune system.

In the same way, a beard plays a role in guarding the throat against the passage of harmful bacteria, a beard also helps in the case of asthma. A mustache and beard in fact filter many toxins before they find their way into the lungs, creating a sort of barricade between you and harmful exposures.

5. Beards Make You Look More Attractive

Many people sport their facial hair because they feel it makes them look better. It’s no doubt that beards are considered one of those few things that can actually improve a man’s appearance or attractiveness.

In a survey that involved 1000 men in New York, more than 67% of those surveyed sport facial hairs either as a beard or mustache. Of this, more than half of them feel it makes them more attractive, and another 41% believe it makes them feel more confident.

Another 55% of the men said they’ve been complimented about their facial hairs so that also makes it a good conversation starter.


Whether it's simply to make you look cool and feel good or for health reasons, you’ve got loads of reasons to keep your beard whether. So keeping your beard properly groomed is something you can’t afford to neglect! You can check out Bayside Brush Co. for different collections like Kent Beard Combs and Giorgio Combs, the leading beard combs in the market!

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