Boar Bristle or Nylon Bristle?

June 27, 2022 3 min read

Boar Bristle or Nylon Bristle?

Why Nylon Bristles?

What is a nylon bristle?

The term "nylon" is a generic designation given to synthetic polymers, which are organic thermoplastics known as polyamide nylon. A nylon bristle has the advantage of being tough, strong, flexible, and durable.

How is a nylon brush made?

The basic structure of a nylon brush includes nylon filaments and some form of handle. In the manufacturing process, the two components are united and secured together to form a practical and useful tool. The differentiation between the various types of nylon brushes relates to the types of handles and how the nylon filaments are shaped and formed, based on the customer's needs. 

The manufacture of nylon brushes includes multiple methods, techniques, and processes, with each process designed to produce a specific type of brush. Though bristles with a handle are the typical design of a brush, ones that are designed for industrial use have several different methods for connecting and securing the filaments.

What are the benefits of a nylon brush?

Nylon brushes possess a great range of flexibility, so when a tangle in the hair is present, the bristles will give, allowing the brush to slide over the tangle. On the other hand, since nylon brushes are made from plastic, they tend to get soft and can even melt where there's too much heat from a hairdryer.

Why Boar Bristles?

What is a boar bristle?

A boar bristle brush is a grooming tool made with hog hairs. Boar bristles are widely known for including keratin, one of the major structural proteins found in human hair. That's one of the reasons why boar hairbrushes have become so popular in the hair industry.

How is boar bristle made?

Some brushes might have the label “wild boar”, nevertheless, this is simply just to differentiate hog species involved, as most companies harvest the hairs from domesticated or farm-raised animals. These farms are known for being gentle to animals, therefore, these usually appeal to naturalists and environmentalists.

What are the benefits of a boar brush?

Boar bristle brushes are great for keeping your hair clean because they can pick up dirt and dust as you brush your hair without any effort. You’ll find that when you start using a boar bristle brush you can shampoo your hair a lot less often.

Here are some advantages that a boar bristle brush can provide:

  • Can distribute the natural scalp oils in your hair from the roots to the end.
  • Will remove dead skin that's inside of your hair, leaving you a cleaner and healthier hair.
  • Close the hair strands’ cuticles to assist the hair to reflect light and give it a shine.
  • Help you to increase the blood circulation inside of your scalp.
  • Prevent hair breakage and frizz.
  • Leaves your hair with more volume.
  • Adds more elasticity which will reduce hair breakage.

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In Conclusion

Kent hair brushes have over 200 years of experience manufacturing high-quality hair products. Besides that, Kent holds the royal warrant made in England and have the best brushes for all types of hair.

If you are looking for a boar bristle hair brush, the Kent LS9D, a soft boar bristle brush made for distributing the hair's natural oils and perfect for fine or thinning hair.

If you are looking for a nylon hair brush, the Kent PF06 which is an excellent choice if you are looking for a compact, flexible, and lifetime quality brush.

If you are looking to fix a specific issue related to your hair or just looking to maintain its health, Bayside Brush Co has products ideal to support your hair and improve its health.

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