Is a Brush or Comb Better for Long Hair?

July 29, 2022 4 min read

Is a Brush or Comb Better for Long Hair?

Brushes and combs are excellent for grooming, and both greatly benefit your hair. A hairbrush generally works better for dry hair and can be ideal for removing dandruff residues and massaging the scalp, while a comb is the perfect tool for detangling your hair when wet.

A nylon bristle paddle brush is ideal for long hair because it can detangle easier than a comb and will help achieve a perfectly smooth look. Paddle brushes allow you to brush through large portions of hair at once, eliminating knots and redistributing lost oils from your scalp.

Bushes usually don't allow the same precision styling as a comb does, and when you have short hair, a comb is recommended to get the best looks.

How To Properly Brush Dry Hair?

Usually, every person brushes their hair without having a method, and that's because when we are young, we use a hair brush given to us, and we stick with it without even knowing our hair type. For more information, you can check out  "The Only Guide You Will Need To Determine Your Natural Hair Type."

Regardless, when brushing your hair, you should start from the bottom of your hair and work up towards the top. Doing this will prevent hair breakage, make your detangling process much easier, and improve your hair health.

You should divide your brushing into small sections to get a more efficient brushing. If your brush gets stuck in one of the tangles, you should never pull your hair hard. Instead, you should brush your hair slowly and gently until you detangle all of the knots.

How to Properly Comb Your Hair When it is Wet?

First of all, a comb will always be a better tool for your hair when wet than a brush because a hair brush can cause more breakage than a comb since the bristle is more narrow.

Combing your hair when wet is usually recommended for people with curly and thick hair types because their hair becomes easier to detangle when wet than when it is dry.

A wide tooth comb would be a great choice because their wide teeth will gently detangle evert knots and tangle without causing any damage to wet hair.

Always start combing your hair on end and work all the way up to the top, and keep in mind that you should be careful because wet hair is usually more fragile than dry hair.

Why Use a Wood Comb Or Brush For Long Hair?

A wooded brush or comb would be a fantastic tool for every kind of hair, especially for long hair, and one of the reasons for this is wood. Unlike nylon or boar bristles, wooden bristles produce no ionic static charge, which helps avoid and reduce frizz, keeping hair shiny and smooth.

Wooden hair brushes are distingue for being one of the most quality grooming tools in the market. They tend to be gentle and smooth with your hair and distribute the hair’s natural oils from the base down to the ends.

Our recommendation for a wood brush that would be extremely gentle to your long hair is the GIONAT1 because it has a smooth and rounded wood bristle that will glide through the hair microscopic, eliminating tangles and distributing the hair’s natural oils which excellent efficiency.

How Often Should I Brush My Hair?

Based on many experts, you should always consider between one or two times per day and assume that excessive brushing can cause scalp irritation, hair breakage, and other negative consequences. 
Brushing your hair gently in an appropriate way once in the morning and at night should be enough to keep your hair healthy, strong, and organized. It will keep your oils distributed around your scalp, stimulating healthy growth and creating fabulous looks.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, brushing your long hair is essential for its health, and long hair usually needs more maintenance than a short one. A paddle brush will always be a good selection because they allow you to brush through a large portion of hair at once; it's more convenient than any other brush. 

Bayside Brush has multiple collections of paddle hair brushes. Our Giorgio and Kent our one of our mean products for long hair; we also recommend when your hair is wet to use a wide tooth comb as Giorgio to detangle your hair more manageable.
Long hair is delicate, and you should never brush it more than twice daily and try to detangle your hair aggressively. It would be best if you always looked to start detangling your hair at the end and work all your way up to the top of your hair to avoid breakage.

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