Why Handmade Hair Accessories Are Better Than Pressure Cut

June 25, 2019 3 min read

Why Handmade Hair Accessories Are Better Than Pressure Cut

With thousands of different hair accessories in the market, it can be difficult to find the perfect fit for your needs. Hair accessories, when picked correctly, can not only help you look good, but also feel good all day long. The length, color, and style of your hair are all factors to take into consideration when choosing the right accessory for your unique hair. Looking for something to keep your hair in place all day, or simply looking for a cute new addition to complete your look? Want a bold piece or a smaller accent clip? These are all questions to ask yourself when browsing for hair accessories. The one factor that should always remain the same, however, is choosing a handmade item.

Bayside Brush Co. carefully selects handmade hair accessories such as hair clips, barrettes, side clips, ponytail holders, and banana combs of all shapes and sizes for any occasion. There are many advantages to a handmade Camila Paris hair accessory. Here are 5 reasons to always buy handmade and some of our staff picks!

 Handmade Camila Paris Hair Accessories Benefits

1. Luxury Look and Feel

Select Camila Paris handmade hair accessories have cute and convenient added features for a better look and fit. For example, a spring covered detail on jaw clips makes for a more appealing look by concealing the spring with a plastic cover. This makes sure that the hair accessory is able to show off its beautiful designs without revealing the primitive looking spring that holds it all together. It adds an extra layer of protection to the spring from breaking, sun damage, and water damage.


Camila Paris Blue Hair Clip on bun

2. Brighter Colors

Handmade Camila Paris hair accessories are always richer in color and have a glossier finish. More importantly, because handmade pieces are carefully made with materials of superior quality, the color of the products not only look better, but also last longer. 
Tip: Because Camila Paris handmade hair accessories are made in France from luxury materials, make sure to not use hairspray directly on the hair while wearing the accessory as it tarnishes the shiny finish.


3. Better Grip

A double row of teeth on a handmade Camila Paris jaw clip ensures a better grip on the hair, without any added pressure or tug on the scalp. This special grip will have your hair staying styled in place all day long. Likewise, our special rubberized and plastic closure barrette selection also features a better grip for your hair.


Smooth Teeth Saw Cut Hair Clips

4. Smooth Edges

Because handmade products involve smaller scale production, handmade Camila Paris hair accessories are carefully tracked from the start to finish throughout the entire production process. This means that small, yet important, details are carefully tracked. All handmade Camila Paris hair accessories are created with the smoothest edges possible. The smooth edges of Camila Paris jaw clips are made for those who suffer from high scalp sensitivity to ensure the best fit possible, without the dreaded headache some hair accessories cause. 


Luxury High Quality Bun Holder on Beach Towel

5. Overall Quality

Unlike mass production, each and every handmade Camila Paris hair accessory is carefully created, crafted, and carved by a specific artisan. Every line and design is made with a purpose, and because all the materials are sourced from reputable and exclusive suppliers, each piece is produced to last. The quality of handmade products truly are superior. 


Keep in mind all of the advantages of handmade hair accessories next time you shop for the perfect piece!

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