2.75" Wide Tooth Detangling Pocket Comb

The Small 2.75 inch wide teeth comb is a must-have for daily hair care. This comb is designed to glide smoothly through all hair types, preventing breakage and scalp irritation, with rounded tips for sensitive scalps.

Product Features:

  1. Flexible and Long-lasting: Hand-cut and hand-polished with special circular saws, this comb is made to last.
  2. Gentle and Comfortable: The wide teeth are designed to painlessly glide through hair, improving blood circulation and reducing hair loss.
  3. Ideal for All Hair Types: Eliminate knots and tangles effortlessly from natural, thick, wavy, and curly hairs without losing volume.
  4. Versatile Styling Tool: Suitable for professional styling, blow-drying, adding volume, and shining. It's perfect for long hair, wigs, extensions, and beard styling.
  5. Convenient Design: The round design makes it easy and comfortable to grip, making it ideal for the beach, travel, or to keep in your bag or purse.

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