2.4" Handmade Fine Tooth Folding Pocket Comb

The Gentleman's Sawcut Folding Travel/Pocket Comb is a high-quality and versatile comb designed for grooming men's beards and mustaches. This comb is hand made and hand polished from cellulose acetate, an environmentally-friendly and durable plant material.

Product Features:

  1. Flexible Teeth: The flexible teeth of this comb are ideal for detangling, grooming, and styling men's beards and mustaches.
  2. Handmade and Hand Polished: Made from cellulose acetate, this comb is hand made and hand polished for a high-quality finish.
  3. Cut from Large Sheets: Unlike molded combs, this comb is cut from large sheets to produce a truly gentle comb that won't snag, pull, or damage hair.
  4. Distributes Natural Oils: This comb distributes the natural oils in the skin and beard to ensure a well-treated beard or mustache.
  5. Trusted Brand: Founded in 1777, Kent Brushes is the world's oldest hairbrush manufacturer and has maintained its British traditions ever since.

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