Ladies Finest Black Boar Bristle Narrow Hair Brush

  • PURSE SIZED BRUSH: Black Boar Bristle; Beachwood base is specially made for an ergonomic fit, with a handle built to fit in the palm of your hand. For soft and fine hair, with bristle cut and tended not to tear or pull on your hair
  • PERFECT SKIN CARE SCALP BRUSH: This boar bristle brush helps spread the hair oil produced by your skin; remove dirt, prevent thinning hair, and promote hair regrowth. Its cleansing properties make it an essential part of any hair grooming kit.
  • MID TO LONG HAIR: This brush carries with it the traditional Kent quality, specialized for medium and long length hair, to prevent tearing at your scalp. This bristle spreads natural oils, providing the hair with the care the Kent known for.