Tributes To Kent Brushes

Countless spontaneous tributes to the excellence of every type of Kent brush have been received throughout the years from individual users. Here are some examples: The retired chemist in East Lothian who in 1958 wrote that he was ninety-two years of age and that on the completion of his apprenticeship seventy years ago he had had a Kent hairbrush presented to him which he enclosed saying he had used it every day since. The Irish customer who in 1930 wrote that he had purchased a Kent bath brush in 1887 for 21/ - from the company's agent in William Street, Dublin which had been in continuous use since then by him and his family. "Like the owner" he writes, "the old veteran has got bald but not too ignobly. I am ordering another which of course will outlive me. How can you expect repeat orders if your goods wear almost a lifetime?" The retailer in Edinburgh who wrote that one of his customers had a Kent baby's hairbrush which has been in use for sixty-five years by three generations of her family and that she was hoping to use it on the fourth generation. Adventures of an American Soldier's Brushes. And this is the record of a soldier's pair of Kent brushes written in 1936 from Manhasset, Long Island, U.S.A by a Captain in the United States Army: "Some time in 1913 at Llewellyn's, chemist, Nanking Road, Shanghai, China I bought a pair of military hairbrushes in a pigskin case. These brushes in their case remained with me till 1915, when I gave one brush to a brother officer, who had lost his. The remaining brush in its case I kept in my musette bag where it was grazed by a German bullet and had some of its bristles clipped. It accompanied me through the Civil War in Russia, received a prolonged bath in the Amur River. Then back to China where it was in a railway accident. In Honolulu my houseboy was caught by me in the act of trying to use it to polish my riding boots and when ordered to clean it, boiled it in water. The brush withstood the climate of the Philippines and also the termites. It saw the Straites Settlements, Siam and Indo-China. Now it is still with me in this country. However it has become ancient, but not less honorable. Its bristles are very, very short by now but it still does duty in keeping my dog well brushed. Twenty-three years is a very long time for a brush to last and it might please you to learn this, what I believe to be a record in endurance. Kindly tell me where, in this country, I can obtain the same kind of brush." And this long established tradition of quality continues to be maintained by Kent Brushes.