Horsehair and Nylon Blend Soft Beard Brush for Men

  • This 6.5" mens beard brush is at the top of its class in design, function, and ease of use. The horsehair and nylon bristle head is wide enough to manage thick beards, but stiff and long enough to reach the follicle base, spreading the beard's natural oils
  • This brush contains all of its unimaginable beard grooming power in a travel sized, 6.5 inch base. Big enough to style the hair in your beard with ease but handy enough to carry in a small bag or bookbag. Meet your beard's new best friend
  • Beard brushes are essential for keeping beards in tip-top condition. Not only that, regularly using a beard brush helps stubborn hairs grow in the direction you want them. Kent's range of beard brushes come in various sizes and styles, ideal for all beards