History Of Bayside Brush

May 25, 2022 3 min read

History Of Bayside Brush

The Beginning Of Everything

Bayside Brush was founded in 1993 by Ivan Lopez and Jorge Castillo, two Cuban immigrants who came to this country searching for opportunity. After working at Bayside Market Place in Miami, Florida for some time, they discovered a niche that was in demand, and Bayside Brush was born. They began with a kiosk selling hairbrushes, a product that they saw potential in and was appealing to the massive volume of tourists at the time. They quickly saw success selling hairbrushes and began to search for higher-end beauty products.

Eventually, after years of establishing themselves in the industry, they became the exclusive Kent Hair Brushes distributor in the United States, the oldest hairbrush manufacturer in the world. With this step they solidified a professional relationship that would change the company’s vision forever. Within time the demand for Bayside Brush allowed them to expand their business, opening new retail locations and adding, even more, luxury beauty products to their arsenal. This success allowed Bayside Brush to begin manufacturing their own product lines such as Camila Paris Hair Accessories and Camila Solingen Manicure Accessories.

In a short time, Camila Paris became a leader in the hair accessories industry and started to be sold by popular retailers such as Disney, The Venetian, Zitomer Department Store, and many others. After seeing the success and demand of their product lines, Bayside Brush decided to go back to their roots and manufacture their first hairbrush line, Giorgio Hair Brushes. Giorgio quickly became the bread and butter of the company due to its wide variety, quality, and affordable price. Most recently, Bayside Brush has acquired the exclusive distribution rights to Sohyo Hair Brushes, a popular new flip-flop grip brush. Bayside Brush continues to be a leader in the beauty supply industry and has created a legacy of exclusive high-quality products found nowhere else in the United States.  

Has It Been A Smooth Road?

 After 25+ years no road is easy. Among the years we had challenges that made us stronger. We are proud to have success as a small business in South Florida, and to have been able to keep working and providing the best us to our customers, employees, and partners. By manufacturing our own product lines, we have been able to make products that provide unique value to our customers.

Camila Paris is well known in the hair ornaments industry because we are not afraid to innovate while incorporating current trends. We have a huge variety of accessories; from handmade pieces that will last a lifetime, to decorative pieces that are completely unique in the market. We are confident in our ability to incorporate new shapes, styles, and prints to our products.

When it comes to Giorgio, our main collections the Giorgio Gentle, and Giorgio Neon, have become wildly successful and recognized in the market. We have also expanded our line to include a wide variety of combs, cushion brushes, and our newest venture, Giorgio Naturals, a collection of eco-friendly products.

We also carry Sohyo, a beach or shower brush with over 30 colors that allows customers to get the exact color that matches their personality. We recently began imprinting a MIAMI logo for our souvenir stores on select Sohyo brush models.     

Where is Bayside Brush Co. Today?

As of today, the industry has greatly evolved and we have dealt with many challenges. Due to the dilution of retail and the loss of traffic in the malls, in 2015 we became a 100% online business, and dedicated ourselves to enhancing our websites and online marketplaces to make them attractive and valuable for our customers, showcasing fashion trends with our own personal twist.

We also sell on marketplace platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, and Walmart. We are proudly an e-commerce business that has been providing quality beauty products in the US and around the world. We plan to keep expanding and supplying the most unique beauty products to all our clients. Our promise to you is simple: 100% satisfaction guaranteed, with the promise of quality products made from the finest quality materials.

We are proud of our 25+ years of experience, knowledge, and excellent customer service. If we sound like the kind of company that you would like to shop from, please learn about us. We’re happy to have you subscribe to our blog, where we provide quality and experienced knowledge of beauty, hair accessories, and fashion.

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