What Does A Handmade Comb Bring To The Table?

May 24, 2022 2 min read

What Does A Handmade Comb Bring To The Table?

Why Use A Handmade Comb?

Some men in their early 30's start losing their hair. Subtly at first, with a receding hairline or thinning hair, but genetics, bad hygiene, improper diet, and other risk factors, can turn it into full-on baldness. Some factors, like genetics, are impossible to control, but by changing a few of your habits you can still protect yourself. For example, brushing and combing your hair every day can stimulate your scalp, keeping your follicles healthy and stimulated. On the contrary, grooming yourself with cheap materials can have negative effects by tugging and pulling your hair, damaging your scalp, and causing irreversible damage to your epidermis and skin.

The master craftsmen at KENThave spent generations perfecting a solution for this. The product is the handmade saw-cut comb. Each tooth is hand-polished to glide through hair smoothly like a hot knife through butter. The act of hand-polishing makes Kent combs absent of all microscopic imperfections that, like cheaper materials, would damage hair. The lightweight and durable cellulose acetate used to make Kent's handmade combs lasts a lifetime. By stimulating and spreading the natural oils inside of your hair follicles, the benefits of the comb can also last a lifetime.

What Makes Kent So Good?

French-born master barber, Martial Vivot, makes the distinction between simple petrochemical plastic combs and handcrafted cellulose acetate combs. Petrochemical combs cause static, chip and fracture with use, and over time turn into scalp-shredding razors, destroying any healthy, flowering follicles you may have. Never in a million years would he have these plastic electromagnets step foot in his salon, going as far as to say that plastic combs are “The Enemy of Hair.”

In contrast to Martial Vivot’s scathing review of petrochemical combs, he regards Kent's refined, hand-crafted process in high regard. “A comb should be gentle on your scalp,” and saw-cut and hand polished combs are as gentle as they come. With the conventional side-seams present in injection-mold combs gone, Kent combs glide and effortlessly ride the waves of your hair, while gently massaging hair follicles at the base of your scalp.

In Conclusion

While little can be done to avoid hair loss caused by genetic conditions or autoimmune disorders, a simple change in your grooming routine can help you start bringing it back. Daily combing and brushing can help maintain your natural shine and retain the health of your scalp. A healthy scalp brings with it healthier hair, less tangles, and a better look and feel every day. With the number of men and women suffering from hair loss increasing every day, think of the benefits adding a handmade combto your morning routine could bring you.


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