What Is A Military Brush Good For?

June 27, 2022 2 min read

What Is A Military Brush Good For?

military hair brush is a circular piece of wood inset with boar or nylon bristles. It’s often used for short hair and is thus often thought of as a man’s hairbrush. Traditionally, they were made of hardwood with wild boar bristle, and their handle-free design was created for easy storage in rucksacks on the march. Portable and functional, they were ideal for military men on the move.

The brush consists of a wooden handle to which the bristles are attached, the handle is marked CWS, dated 1940, and has the /|\ mark.

Military hairbrushes date back to the 1700's. One of the first military brushes that we can recall, is the British army military hair brush that was made around 1940. They were manufactured by Cooperative Wholesale Society, a company that provided quality, cheap household goods to the masses in the early part of the twentieth century. As with many companies, the government placed large orders for equipment with them at the start of the war.

Their compact, handle-less design was considered good for traveling soldiers. The base of the brush could be made of wood, metal, or plastic. Initially, all military hairbrushes were made with boar bristles, but today, they are also made with nylon bristles. This tool should feel almost like an extension of the palm of your hand; a few strokes of the brush over the entire head in the direction of your hair growth will lead to a well-groomed look.

Nowadays, military hairbrushes are considered old-fashioned, evoking old portrayals of masculinity, however they still have many practical uses.

Why Buy a Kent Military Brush?

Military brushes are used on buzz cuts and other extremely short hairstyles. They are particularly suited for short-hair hairstyles since the dense bristle won't leave definite comb marks. Even though a hairstyle might be too short to be worth combing, using a military hair brush can help condition the scalp. It removes flakes and spreads out the natural oils to promote healthy hair.

The Kent BB Handmade white bristle is our recommendation. This brush would help you to spread the natural oils that are produced by your skin, it will also help you remove dirt and promote healthier hair thanks to their bristles. Kent BB is made from Beechwood base which is a very hard and straight-grained wood and is filled with bristle nylon mix to promote natural shine while distributing natural oils and preventing split ends without damaging the hair.

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