Why You Need Different Brushes for Different Hair Types

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Why You Need Different Brushes for Different Hair Types

Have you ever asked yourself if you’ve been using the right hair brushes and combs for your hair? Or even the right one for the style you’re currently rocking?

You see, many people would prefer to rely on a single brush for all their brushing needs but this is usually not ideal. While some brushes are best suited for dry hair, some are better for wet hair, or thin hair, or curly hair, and etc.

How about the bristles? While you can rely on synthetic bristles for drying hair quickly, detangling, or blowout, you’ll have to use boar bristles if you want your hair smooth and shiny, and to better distribute its natural oils.

So, how do you choose what will work best for you among all of these varieties without getting overwhelmed? Well, it basically comes down to whether your hair is dry or wet when brushing, and then the hair style you’re sporting.


Different Brushes for Different Hair Types

Whether you’re detangling, blow drying, smoothing, or straightening your hair, it’s always good to have the right fit with you. To help you better understand this, below are five of the most common types of hair brushes and combs, with a brief discussion of the hair types they’re best suited for.


Sohyo Detangling Hair Brush


1. Detangling Brush

Detangling brushes help smooth both wet and dry hairs without breakage. The Sohyo Flip Flop Hair Brush, for instance, can brush out wet or dry knots easily and is ideal for both kids and adults. It is a shower and shampoo brush that is perfect for every-day detangling. It will also work perfectly for many hair types without causing unnecessary pain and pulling. Another popular and well-known detangling brush is the Kent Airhedz range. This range of brushes comes in many different sizes, colors, and bristle types, including natural boar bristle and silicon pins. The cushioned base allows for an effortless stroke through the hair, and the specially-made pins comfortably detangle even the knottiest hair.


2. Round Brush

Round brushes are best at curling luscious locks or smoothening short hair. The best brushes come with natural boar bristles and are ideal if you want a healthy and shiny look to your long hair. The Kent LBR1 Small Radial Hair Brush or Kent LBR3 Large Radial Hair Brush are perfect examples. These brushes help you make your hair smooth and shiny while also giving it fullness and volume. They are ideal for making sure that your curls are as fluffy and wavy as you want them to be, while also able to flatten and straighten if necessary.


3. Straightening Brush

Straightening brushes make flat-ironing an effortless process. These brushes can be used to perfectly straighten hair, and are generally compatible with all hair types, ensuring a silky and shiny look. The Kent PF02 Natural Shine Hair Brush is an excellent example of this type of brush. The best part is that the 100% natural bristles are perfect for stimulating the hairs natural oils, and using this brush distributes these oils throughout the hair keeping it clean, smooth, shiny & naturally conditioned. This is a great every-day brush for straightening and general grooming.


4. Smoothing Brush

The Mason Pearson Pocket Nylon Hair Brush range is a line of high-quality smoothing brushes. These types of brushes are great for styling and can easily smooth unruly locks. Whether you’re pulling back a ponytail or making a tight bun, a smoothing brush will help you smooth bumps and rowdy hairs, and create a sleekness you’ll surely like.


5. Every-Day Grooming

A daily use hair brush must be comfortable, durable, and healthy for your hair and scalp. Bad quality pins and bristles will pull, snag, and break your hair, leaving you with split ends and more work to do. A good daily hair brush will be gentle enough to glide through your hair while stimulating the scalp, and will encourage healthy brushing for all hair types. That is exactly what Giorgio Gentle Hair Brushes excel at. These brushes are great for detangling, styling, and grooming, and can be used on wet or dry hair. They are made from cellulose acetate, a durable material derived from cotton which is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. These brushes come in a variety of colors and also feature the Giorgio Neon collection, which include more fun colors for every style.


Final Thoughts

These are some of the most commonly used hair brushes and combs for most hair types and styles. It all boils down to understanding what will work best for you in your own case, depending on your hair type and style. If you want to shop for some of the best hair brushes you can find around, you may check out our Bayside Brush Co. collection for some of the highest quality hair brushes available today.

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