Hair Accessories for 4th of July Styling

June 29, 2022 1 min read

Hair Accessories for 4th of July Styling

With summer in full swing, Bayside Brush Co. can’t help but plan the perfect 4th of July hairstyles to help you get through the festivities looking like a star! Whether you’ll be at the beach with some friends or at a cookout with your family, all of our special 4th of July accessories will have your hair looking fresh all day. You will want to rock these heat-proof hairstyles all summer long. 

1. The Classic Hair Clip

Rock a classic bun with an accessorized twist this 4th of July to help you get through the most humid summer day. 

Camila Paris CP2370

 Camila Paris CP3346

2. Half Up Half Down 'Do

Style this quick hairdo with a clip to keep your hair out of your face and still look super stylish. 

 red hair

Camila Paris CP2513 

Camila Paris CP3257


3. An Accessorized Ponytail

It doesn't get easier than doing a ponytail and adding a special touch to get you from the beach to a barbeque. 

 Camila Paris CP2559

Camila Paris CP2419 


4. Side Barrette 

Keep it simple or layer it up by adding barrettes to any look.  


Camila Paris CP2984

Camila Paris GA250



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