Should I Wash My Beard Every Day If I Workout?

July 14, 2022 3 min read

Should I Wash My Beard Every Day If I Workout?

Is working out a priority for you and integral to your daily routine? Then maintaining a clean beard throughout the day is a delicate balance.

Whether or not you are working out every day, you should wash your beard after every workout to avoid the buildup of grime, excess oils, and sweat, that could be detrimental to your beard health.

The frequency that you should wash your beard will depend mostly on your type of beard, beard length, skin type, and lifestyle. Everyone should determine their daily routine based on these factors.

Washing Your Beard With Oily or Dry Skin

Oily Skin: When your skin produces an excess of oil (sebum), you should brush your beard often, spreading and removing excess oils and avoiding breakouts and acne. We recommend, in this case, to wash your beard daily as oil production occurs more frequently.

Dry Skin: When your skin does not produce enough sebum, you should avoid washing your beard regularly because it will irritate your skin and can also make your beard look dry and without shine. We would recommend washing every 3-4 days, and applying beard oils when necessary.

Combination Skin: Your skin will have a combination of dry and oily areas. It may be drier around your cheeks and chin, and oily around your forehead and nose. If you have a mix of oily and dry skin, you should wash your beard two or three times per week, depending on whether your beard area tends to be dry or oily.

Washing A Thick Beard Vs. Thin Beard

Thick Beard: Thick hair tends to be drier than thin hair because it’s harder for natural oils to travel through thick hair than thin hair. To keep some of the moisture from the oils, you should wash your beard once every 3 days.

    Thin beard: As we mentioned before, thin hair gets greasier faster and easier than thicker hair. For thin hair beards, we would recommend washing at least one time per day.

    Environmental Factors

    Dry Climate

    If you live in a dry climate, whether hot or cold, your beard will usually also be dry. The lack of humidity in the air will dry your beard and skin over time. In this case, you should wash your beard more often to build up moisture on your skin and keep it naturally hydrated.

    Wet Climate

    High humidity environments are always great for your beard and skin. Nevertheless, when there is excess moisture, this means there are more microorganisms and dirt that can get into your beard. For that reason, it's recommended you wash your beard every day to keep it clean.

    Why Should I Wash My Beard?

    A beard works somewhat like a filter on your face, catching dust and dirt particles throughout the day that could end up in your nose or mouth. Thus it is important to clean for health reasons. You will also find that a dirty beard can make your skin irritated, and excess build up around the follicle can cause your beard to appear patchy and unhealthy. Furthermore, a dirty beard can smell and look messy. If you want a clean and shiny beard, then you need to wash your beard on a regular basis, depending on the factors we've discussed.

    What Can Happen If I Wash My Beard Too Often? 

    • Dry skin
    • Dandruff
    • Itchy skin
    • Brittle hair
    • Patchy beard

    Washing your beard too often can result in extremely dry skin which can make it itchy and produce dandruff. Your beard hair will feel wiry and brittle, and your beard might even stop growing evenly as dead skin collects around the follicles and slows growth.


    Washing your beard is essential to keep up a positive personal appearance. After a work out, it's important to clean your sweaty beard because your beard acts as a face filter, keeping dirt, oil, and micro bacteria out of your mouth and nose. If you want to maintain a neat and clean look, you should always wash your beard after exercise. On the other hand, excessive washing can irritate your skin, and can make your beard look dry and wiry. For that reason, you should consider factors such as skin type, beard type, environmental conditions, and lifestyle to create the best beard washing routine for you.

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