Why Is a Wide Tooth Comb Ideal for Wet Hair?

July 13, 2022 4 min read

Why Is a Wide Tooth Comb Ideal for Wet Hair?

When trying to detangle your hair and prevent the formation of knots, combing your hair while wet is usually your best bet (depending on your hair type). However, not all combs are the same, and it is crucial to choose the right kind of comb for your hair, or you could make your tangles even worse.

Wide tooth combs are an excellent selection for wet hair detangling. Thanks to the wider spaces between the teeth and the larger diameter, it is easier to detangle wet hair without hair breakage.

A handmade wide-tooth comb feels great on the scalp compared to a regular injection-molded comb. When the teeth are smooth, wide tooth combs leave your scalp feeling massaged rather than scratched, improving blood circulation and making your hair grow healthier.

What Are Wide-Tooth Combs Good For?

Wide-tooth combs are great for large amounts of hair because the spacing between their teeth allows hair to flow easily, as opposed to finer-toothed combs.

If you are getting out of the shower with wet hair, a wide-tooth comb will settle your hair and allow you to control your look without hurting your scalp or forcing your hair, risking damage.

The Giorgio G47 is an ideal product for combing after a shower because of its smooth rounded tips that are specially made for sensitive scalps. This wide-tooth detangling comb will spread natural oils from the scalp throughout your hair when combing. You can also add more shampoo or conditioner to make detangling effortless before your hair dries.

Do Wide-Tooth Combs Work for Curly Hair?

Curly hair is one of the most complicated hair types to detangle. When curly hair is dry, it can be frizzy and develop a lot of knots, so it is important to comb it when wet. When you wet curly hair it becomes easier to detangle, and less likely to be damaged, as opposed to straight or thin hair. A wide tooth comb is perfect for this, as the large gaps between the teeth are less likely to snag on tangles and will pull in stray curls.


Benefits of Using a Wide Tooth Comb

Detangles: A fine tooth comb has smaller spacing between teeth, which is the last thing you need when taking on large knots or tangles. A wide-tooth comb has wide-set teeth, meaning it can glide through hair effortlessly. Handmade or saw-cut teeth also have smooth, rounded tips that are more gentle on your scalp.

Less Damage: A wide-tooth comb has more space in between teeth, leading to less tugging and pulling, which prevents damage to your hair.

Gentle on Scalp: Wide teeth are generally more gentle on your scalp than fine teeth. A wide-tooth comb's spacing leaves your scalp feeling massaged rather than scratched.

Reduces Split Ends: Curly hair is usually more prone to frayed and split ends. Using a low quality comb for curly hair will lead to hair damage and more split ends. On the other hand, a high quality wide-tooth comb will help to reduce and prevents split ends.

Reduces Hair Fall:While removing knots and detangling, one often loses a lot of hair using a fine tooth comb, which pulls harder on hair follicles. However, a wide-tooth comb helps detangle your hair more effectively without pulling on hair, leading to less hair loss.

How to Use a Wide Tooth Comb?

  • Divide your hair into two different sections for more efficient detangling.
  • Using the long teeth for deeper combing, start from the ends of your hair and never start from the top to avoid breakage.
  • Gently work your way up the lengths of your hair until you can easily brush from root to ends without getting caught in tangles.
  • Extra step: Use the wide tooth comb to spread products throughout the hair, such as oils, and conditioners.


Why Use a Wooden Comb?

Wooden combs are carbon-based, just like your hair, skin, and scalp. Since both your hair and a wooden comb have a negative electrical charge, wooden combs help your hair lay down, reducing frizz while making your hair smoother and glossier.

Wooden combs are solid and durable and often made of bamboo or beechwood. This is better than cheap and harmful plastics, which are not renewable or sustainable materials like wood. Wooden combs are also more durable, the teeth rarely break, and are recyclable if they are ever damaged.

Wooden combs are fantastic detangling tools for curly hair as well and are excellent for removing tangles or knots from wet hair. However, they can become damaged or brittle by being frequently exposed to water. If you are going to be using a wooden comb for wet hair, be sure to never soak it completely, and always leave it to dry thoroughly after you are done.

Our recommendation for a wooden comb is the GIONAT8, which is an excellent wide-tooth comb made of bamboo; this incredible comb helps absorb and spread your hair's natural oils from root to tip, keeping hair healthy, shiny, and clean.


Depending on your hair type, wetting your hair may make detangling a breeze, or a bust. Wet hair detangling is ideal for curly or thick hair, but may be a bad idea for straight or fine hair. A wide-tooth comb is an excellent grooming tool for wet hair because its teeth help detangle knots inside your hair quickly, and their rounded tips are gentle on your hair and scalp. We recommend using our GIONAT7,which is a high-quality wide-tooth comb made from organic materials such as bamboo and beechwood mix, making this comb antistatic, reducing frizz and annoying flyaway hairs.

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