Why Use a Paddle Brush for Curly Hair?

July 08, 2022 3 min read 1 Comment

Why Use a Paddle Brush for Curly Hair?

A well-made paddle brush is one of the best purchases you can make, and one of the reasons why is that they tend to be gentler on your hair than most other brushes.

A paddle brush is an excellent tool for brushing curly hair without breaking the form, and they do a great job of detangling while blow-drying your hair.

A paddle brush makes your cuticles less porous, creating a shinier look. It's also great for detangling hair, which helps create a smoother look. Paddle brushes, as they have a more extensive base than other brushes, usually let you brush large portions at once, making them convenient for curly or voluminous hair.

Why is a paddle brush so good for curly hair?

A paddle brush's flat and rectangular surface allows the brush to move with more control, and provides exceptionally smooth results without breaking the natural waves and curls in your hair.

A paddle brush is an excellent tool for wet hair because you do not have to worry about your curls being frizzed. Brushing your hair when wet will add definition, increasing the integrity of the curls and making detangling much smoother.

How do you use a paddle brush?

There are different ways to use a paddle brush:

For detangling: Use a paddle brush to remove tangles and knots easily. Take sections of your hair and scrub until you get to the roots. One of the best options for detangling is the Giorgio GIONAT2 because of its beechwood bristles; You will enjoy effortless detangling without snagging, pulling, or breaking hair.

    For smoothing: Blow dry hair with a hairdryer until it's about 90% dry, and then use a paddle while you are using the dryer to flatten stray hairs while drying.

    Are paddle brushes good for long hair?

    Paddle brushes are great for long hair because the long rows of bristle surround  and pick up longer sections of hair, making brushing easier and more comfortable. The best way to brush long hair is to start by brushing the hair tips out, moving down a bit towards the roots, and repeating until you are brushing from root to tip. Little by little you will detangle all of your hair.

    What are the benefits of a paddle brush?

    One of the main benefits of a paddle brush is that it is very versatile. Paddle brushes can be used for many different purposes and types of hair, and they will perform differently based on the materials used to make it.

    For thicker hair, a paddle hair brush with firm boar bristle will help detangle and style hair while spreading oils and adding shine. For thinner, shorter, or fragile hair, softer bristles will do the trick while preventing hair breakage.

    The Giorgio paddle brush is a terrific option for blowouts and styling because it works well-distributing mousses, gels, and conditioner, and it can add volume and fullness.


    A paddle brush is one of the best purchases someone can make for their beauty repertoire. You can use them for detangling, and as they have a larger base, they can brush a significant portion of your hair at the same time. You can have different types of paddle brushes based on their material. For thick hair, we recommend a nylon bristle paddle brush because it will penetrate your hair and detangle faster, while stimulating your scalp. For fine hair, we recommend using a boar bristle paddle brush because it will be gentle and not damage your hair, while being strong enough to style and add shine. A paddle brush is one of the most popular types of hair brushes on the market, and its versatility and benefits make them an essential tool for every grooming package.


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    Andrea Lynne Williams

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    Could you show a tiny video or someone with really curly hair using the brush? I do NOT expect a miracle but curly people have been teased with stuff that claimed to be one thing and simply was not up to curly hair. By the way I love your hair barrettes,etc… I used to think France Luxe was the only hair accessories company to trust. I was wrong.

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