Summer Collection

Summer is the best time to flex your beautiful hair accessories collection. They keep your hair out of your face on those extra hot days without sacrificing your style. We selected a few of our top choices for this season that will make this summer unique and special.

10 Best Products for Summer

1. Camila Paris Victoria Classic Hair Clip 

  • This beautiful and colorful hair clip has a super solid spring made to hold any type of hair. 

  • Designed and made in France with durable Cellulose Acetate, a high quality Strong, and sturdy material for hair ornaments.

  • Perfect for creating easy hairstyles; partial quick updo, bun, or full updos.

2. Camila Paris Small Cotton Hair Ties - 5 Pack

  • These hair ties are perfect for a simple ponytail and offer exceptional hold to ensure the best summer looks.

  • Easy to keep in your desk, purse, and car for a quick and comfortable on-the-go styling solution.

  • These colorful hair ties hold your hair well without stretching and breaking your hair.

3. Camila Paris Flower Hair Pin - CP3194

  • Classic hair pin ornament, made in France and polished to perfection.

  • Unique and beautiful flower details express beauty and luxury in your style.

  • Great to hold long and curly hair. These elegant hair accessory helps your hair to stay in place all day.

4. Camila Paris Polka Dot Wide Fabric Headband - TC928

  • Comfortable headband made for any type of hair. 

  • Practical and fashionable design, and it does a great job holding your hair without slipping.

  • Get an easy and sophisticated look with this decorative hair accessory.

5. Camila Paris Cheeky Hair Clip with Swarovski Crystals

  • The clip is beautifully articulated and long-lasting, with a smooth, secure grab and hold.

  • This clip is perfect for holding thick or fine hair securely.

  • Built for indoor or outdoor hair grip to make a beautiful and elegant hairstyle.

6. Camila Paris Circle Cutout Fabric Headband - TC926W

  • Hold your hair securely but gently. Headache-free hold stays tight in place without any discomfort.

  • Reliable and comfortable with a gentle, secure grip. It can hold all hair types securely and comfortably without tugging pulling, or damaging.

  • Effortless beauty for all hair types and complements any hair color.

7. Camila Paris Thin Metal Hair Slides - 7 Pack

  • Pretty and colorful metal hair clips with a strong grip for thick and long hair.

  • Easy to keep in your desk, purse, and car for a quick and comfortable on-the-go styling solution.

  • Built for indoor or outdoor hair grip to make a beautiful and elegant hairstyle.

8. Camila Paris Dragonfly Barrette - CP2880 - Tokyo

  • Unique and beautiful dragonfly design which expresses playful beauty and luxury.

  • This fabulous hair accessory is made of luxurious cellulose acetate 

  • It has a well-built French barrette clasp that secures your hair.

9. Camila Paris Cutout Teeth Hair Clip Pair 

  • These sophisticated hair clips are a distinctive part of every ensemble.

  • Perfect for creating easy hairstyles; partial quick updo or bun or full updos, holding your hair securely and tightly in place without any discomfort.

  • Made of advanced water proof material that is lightweight, durable, and ideal for long walks on the beach.

10. Camila Paris Handmade Volume Tokyo French Hair Barrette 

  • It has an excellent closing mechanism that opens without tangling your hair.

  • Embrace a luxury style this summer with this precious handmade French barrette and its Tokyo design.

  • Made in France for Volume hair and metal automatic closure. Designed to hold longer and thicker hair. 

July 07, 2022 — Ivan Lopez-Bosch

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