Unique Features and Benefits of Camila Paris Hair Accessories

January 16, 2019 3 min read

Unique Features and Benefits of Camila Paris Hair Accessories

There are very few brands of hair accessories in the market today that emphasize creativity and innovation like Camila Paris.

The French-made hair accessories brand has made a lasting mark in the industry with several innovative features and unique designs. For example, over the years their products have popularized the grip-link system, the French grip system, and the spring cover. Today, Camila Paris is synonymous with excellency and class, featuring countless beautiful and timeless designs, along with handmade hair accessories.




Camila Paris Hair Accessories Range

The Camila Paris brand of hair accessories includes beautiful and timeless designs that range from barrettes to clips, banana clips, ponytail holders, headbands, and more.

These pieces feature unique and appealing designs, as well as beautiful prints and patterns. Some are also impeccably handmade hair accessories for people who prefer handcrafted items with a personal touch.

Camila Paris Benefits

Although the Camila Paris hair accessories collection has many innovative features and designs, there’s still a lot more that makes them the highest quality luxury hair accessories in the world.


Durability: Camila Paris hair accessories are made from high-quality cellulose acetate, a biodegradable and environmentally-friendly plastic material. They are extremely durable so that you can enjoy your hair ornament for a long time.

Flexibility: The material quality of cellulose acetate gives the collection super flexibility along with its durability. This means that they will survive in your pockets, purses, and any other place they might bend or squeeze.

Eco-Friendly: Camila Paris hair accessories are made from biodegradable materials that won’t harm the environment and will guarantee no negative impact to our planet. For the environmentally conscious fashionista, this is a brand you’ll easily fall in love with and appreciate.

VersatilityCamila Paris hair accessories are versatile and can perfectly suit any use, for any occasion. If you are shopping Camila Paris, you are choosing from a wide collection of hair ornaments that will fit with every wardrobe and style. You’ve got over 1200 different styles to choose from, with new styles added on a regular basis. Along with your choice of style, your choice of color is also vast and limitless. That makes it a lot easier to get anything you want for any occasion.


Game-Changing Features

In an industry saturated with low-quality alternatives, only innovation and creativity can make a product or brand stand out. This is the case with Camila Paris hair accessories, who's innovative, stand-out features include;


Camila Paris grip link technology no spring hair clip

1. The Grip Link System

This innovation wittingly replaced the conventional hair clips clipping hinge system with a hard plastic rubber band. Not only does this work better, but the hair accessory also has more visual appeal and looks better than old-school springs.


Camila paris french grip barrette rubberized grip

2. The French Grip System

The French grip system is particularly excellent at grabbing and holding finer hair in barrettes and hair slides. This technique of grabbing hair ensures that hair is held tightly without snagging or pulling on hair.
Camila Paris spring cover hair clip no exposed spring 

3. Spring Cover

The spring cover feature makes the product way more appealing by concealing the spring with a plastic cover. This makes sure that the hair accessory is able to show off its beautiful designs without revealing the primitive looking spring that holds it all together. It adds an extra layer of protection to the spring from breaking, sun damage, and water damage.


Camila Paris hair accessories are a testament that through quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a love for your hair, there can be beauty and innovation even in the smallest of fashion accessories. The innovative features of the Grip-Link System, the French Grip Link, and the Spring Cover accessories, along with the exceptional durability, flexibility, versatility, and biodegradability have all made Camila Paris a league above all others.

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