Boar Bristle Round Brush Handmade in France

Since 1875, Maison Fournival Altesse has been located in the Oise in the heart of the Thérain valley, the true cradle of French brush making. In its early days, Maison Fournival Altesse manufactured toothbrushes fashioned from beef and horse femur bone or ivory for prestigious clients. From 1920, she specialized in the traditional manufacture of high-end and very high-end hairbrushes. Even today, Maison Fournival Altesse produces exceptional pieces, entirely handmade, using techniques dating back to the 19th century. Thanks to our know-how and the quality of our products, more than 50 brands around the world have called on us to create their range of hair and beard brushes. This tailor-made manufacturing has since become our specialty. Today we manufacture unique products for the greatest professionals in hairdressing, cosmetics and luxury. Our exceptional know-how has been recognized by the French State through the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV)” label rewarding the excellence of our brush-making know-how. Our products are made in France, in the Oise, a true cradle of French brush making for more than 140 years.