Narrow Natural Bristle Contoured Hair Brush

  • This French-made brush is a straightening brush and smoothing brush recommended for styling normal hair. It is the best hair brush for men or women with 4 rows of high-quality boar bristles that will naturally condition smooth and bring shine to hair
  • Like our hair, a high quality boar bristle brush scalp brush is made of keratin and they are able to distribute the sebum naturally present on our scalp from the roots to the ends. This way your hair is nourished and protected and gets a natural shine
  • After each use, remove the hair from your brush. Once a month fill a sink with warm, soapy water, then soak the bristles, without immersing the whole brush, rinse the bristles with clean water and air dry your brush with the bristles facing down
  • Maison Fournival Altesse has been perfecting the craft of brush-making in France since 1875. Expertise and the strictest criteria of excellence go into the design and creation of each brush. We now make unique products for the greatest names in beauty
  • Our brushmaking expertise has earned official recognition from the French government, with the title Living Heritage Company for excellence in traditional craftsmanship. Our products are made in the Oise, a region known as the cradle of French brush making