Natural Bristle French-Made Shaving Brushes

  • This small badger shave brush is used to apply beard soap, foam, or lather from a shave bowl shaving soap puck to the face before shaving. Whatever your skin type and beard, a shaving kit is essential to protect the skin and soften beard hair when shaving
  • Made of both soft and firm badger bristles for a close shave, and the handle is made of acetate. Thanks to its natural and absorbent bristles, the badger shaving brush, together with shaving soap, will produce a creamy foam for a pleasant and gentle shave
  • How to use: Wet the brush with warm water. Use circular motions in a bowl of shaving soap until emulsified. Apply the mixture to a damp beard and shave. To maintain the quality of your brush, rinse it after each use to remove cream or soap, then hang dry