Camila Paris Hair Side Combs Classic Pair


These Classic Side Combs are hair combs for women that are designed to help you never have a bad hair day. Made in France, these curved hair combs are perfect for creating new hairstyles for any occasion, whether it's a party, formal event, or just for daily life. They are suitable for all hair types and lengths, and the interlocking combs ensure a good grip to keep your hair in place without any discomfort.

Product Features:

  1. Never have a bad hair day
  2. Great curved hair combs for women decorative, good grip side combs clip clamps for ladies
  3. Perfect for a woman who loves to create or make new hairstyles, for a party, formal occasions, and daily life
  4. Interlocking combs for all hair types thick or fine
  5. Designed and made in France with durable cellulose acetate, a high quality strong and sturdy material for Hair Ornaments that is not easy to break and is lightweight and comfortable to wear

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