Camila Paris Hair Barrettes Skinny Handmade Medium Clip

  • Made in France fancy vintage design and automatic closure clasp, these elegant styling hair ornament clip suitable for bridal wedding, prom party, ceremonies, birthday, banquet and daily wearing, hair jewelry made by esteemed and traditional metalworkers using age-old techniques, combined with modern styles and trends. Effortlessly beautiful and a compliment for all hair types, hair colors, and hair styles
  • The genuine shiny Swarovski crystals and elegant features come together to make these hair accessories look distinguished and luxurious. The world's most recognized and esteemed crystal makers
  • Reliable and comfortable. These hair accessories can hold all hair types securely and tightly without tugging, pulling, or damaging hair. Indoor or outdoor, these hair grips will complete any beautiful and elegant hairstyle
  • Effortless beauty for all hair types and a complement to any hair color. A fashionable tool for curly, wavy, straight, and frizzy hair. Perfect for creating easy hairstyles; partial quick updo or bun full updos, or holding your hair securely and tightly in place without any discomfort

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