GA249 2.75 Inch Wedding Bridal Small U-Shape Hairpins Twist Stick Pins Silver with White Pearl

  • BRIDAL COLLECTION: GA249 (2.75") Look your best on the best day of your life with our meticulously crafted, innovative, and intricate bridal side clip barrette designs. Our hair ornaments and accessories are the perfect addition to complete your wedding look.
  • HANDMADE IN ITALY: Made in Italy by esteemed and traditional metalworkers using age-old techniques combined with modern styles and trends. Effortlessly beautiful and a compliment for all hair types and hair colors.
  • ELEGANT FEATURES: White elegant features, like pearls, come together to make sure you feel like a queen.
  • STRONG HOLD: Reliable and comfortable for a gentle secure grip, it can hold all hair types securely and comfortably, tightly without tugging pulling or damage. Indoor or outdoor hair grip to make a beautiful and elegant hairstyle.
  • GUARANTEED FOR LIFE: 20+ years of professional experience and high quality hair ornaments knowledge. A staple of excellence in the hair accessories industry. Unconditional 100% Guarantee, these ornaments are guaranteed for life!