Thin Red Brass Headband with Swarovski Crystals and Brass Flowers

  • Brass vintage hair bridal headband that provides a unique and intricate touch to any hair style. Perfect for a bride or bridesmaid's hair to complete a wedding look. Also for proms, pageant, birthday or other special occasions
  • Featuring Swarovski crystals, the world's most recognized and esteemed crystal makers, and two small brass flowers. These elegant features come together to make you feel like royalty
  • Hand-made in Italy by esteemed and traditional metalworkers using age-old techniques combined with modern styles and trends. Effortlessly beautiful and a compliment for all hair types and hair colors
  • Reliable and comfortable grip, it can hold all hair types securely and comfortably tightly without tugging, pulling, or damaging hair. Perfect for daily use or special occasions