7.25" Wooden Fine and Wide Tooth Dressing Comb

  • EFFORTLESS DETANGLER - Our GIONAT vegan wooden comb is made for velvety smooth detangling no matter what hair type you may have. The saw-cut, microscopically-polished, wide teeth glide through knots and tangles with ease without pulling or damaging hair
  • ORGANIC MATERIALS - The polished bamboo and beechwood mix makes this comb antistatic, reducing frizz and annoying flyaway hairs. Natural wood also helps absorb and spread your hair's natural oils from root to tip, keeping hair healthy, shiny, and clean
  • HEALTH IS WEALTH - When shopping for a comb, the right materials are priceless. Not only does wood keep your hair healthy, but the special rounded teeth stimulate the scalp, increasing circulation and blood flow to hair follicles, which encourages growth