Infinity Ultra-Soft Silvertex Bristles Shaving Brush

  • Infinity 4 Inch of Handmade Kent Shaving excellence, with imitation horn and Ultra-Soft Silvertex bristle technology to provide an ergonomic and gentle shaving experience. Perfect for use with a close blade or the everyday shave with your razor
  • Ideal and affordable alternative for those who prefer not to use natural bristle or badger shaving brushes. This gentle material holds onto lather and facial soap with ease, maintaining a gentle froth for the entirety of the shaving experience
  • Kent's shaving brushes function best with any of Kent's luxury soaps, each with a legacy of British nobility behind them. Frothing the soap directly with the shaving brush ensures a thick lather on your facial hair and a superior and luxurious shave
  • Proudly displaying the Royal Warrant of the Queen, all shaving brushes under the Kent name hold a legacy of excellence, each used to shave and groom royalty for generations. For a degree of royalty in your daily routine, groom with Kent products