8" Handmade Fine Tooth Rat Tail Comb for Sectioning

  • Kent 8T 191mm Tail comb - With All Fine Bristles - Length: 19.1cm
  • Kent Handmade Combs for Men and Women are of Excellent Quality, Tactile and Strong
  • Cut From Large Sheets of Cellulose Acetate Rather Than Moulded, Producing a Truly Gentle Comb Whereas Moulded Combs Often Snag and Damage the Hair
  • Glides Effortlessly Through Hair Without Scratching or Damaging The Hair or Scalp
  • Kent Combs Have Rounded Teeth Which Ensure a Smooth and Comfortable Action. The Range Includes Designs for Thick and Fine Hair, in Varying Sizes, for Both Men and Women

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