Silvertex Synthetic Bristle Large Shaving Brush - Ivory

  • Kent BK8S 4.5 Inch. Handmade Kent Shaving excellence, with Faux Ivory Resin handle and Ultra-Soft Silvertex technology to provide an ergonomic and gentle shaving experience. Perfect for use with a close blade or the everyday shave with your razor
  • Ideal and affordable alternative for those who prefer not to use natural bristle or badger Shaving brushes and for highly sensitive skin. The Silvertex material is the perfect imitation of badger pelt. This gentle material holds onto lather and facial soap with ease, maintaining a gentle froth for the entirety of the shaving experience
  • Softens your beard for a superior and luxurious shave. Kent's Shaving Brush function's best with any of Kent's luxury soaps, each with a legacy of British nobility behind them. Frothing the soap directly with the shaving brush ensures a thick lather on your facial hair and a close shave