Classic Shine Soft White Boar Bristle Hair Brush

  • YOU’LL NEVER HAVE TO BUY ANOTHER HAIR BRUSH - The highest quality oval paddle hair brush with the finest grade pure soft white boar bristles. The bristles are heavily reinforced so they won’t fall out. You get what you pay for, professional quality!
  • DESIGNED TO PERFECTION - A large sized oval cushioned wet brush and dry brush finished in a midnight black colored handle with a ruby colored silicon cushion and filled with pure soft strength white natural bristle hair brush, ideal for a mens hair brush or hair brush for women.
  • YOUR HAIR WILL BE SOFT, SHINY, AND CLEAN - Dandruff brush that cleans, conditions, and redistributes natural oils throughout your hair & scalp. The paddle brush has the highest reputation for nourishing and maintaining gorgeous hair. Wooden detangling brush and styling brush for livening up shoulder to mid length fine or thinning hair.

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