Large Shaving Brush Stand with Adhesive Back

  • Kent's 3 inch tall shaving stand is perfect for holding Kent's BK8S, BLK8, BLK8S, and VS60. This fantastic shave brush stand helps to keep your counter looking sharp and helps in naturally hang drying your shaving brush after each use
  • STANDS THAT DELIVER: Kent has created an extensive variety of stands to accompany their traditional shaving brushes and razors. The sleek stand designs help to bring style and sophistication to any bathroom and contribute to keeping your razors and brushes looking their best.
  • START YOUR MORNING RIGHT: Kent knows that every good day starts with a good shave. Kent's line of shaving brushes, razors, and creams are the perfect addition to your morning routine. Made from quality materials; Kent shaving products have a traditional look and feel that adds to each experience.