Handmade Wire-Laid Black Boar Bristle Satinwood Narrow Hair Brush

  • 100% Handmade 8.25 x 1 inch with 1.5 inch black Bristle and Satinwood base made to fit in the palm of your hand, The Narrow Flat Faced Hair Brush from Kent is designed with a beautiful wooden handle and real bristles. This brush is perfect for daily use and helping to keep your hair looking shiny and healthy
  • Made with 100% natural boar bristles to give you one of the world's best brushing experiences. Perfect for encouraging hair health and giving hair a beautiful shine by distributing hair's natural oils and stimulating the scalp. Presented in a silk lined presentation case, ideal for gifting
  • Kent prides itself on the quality of each product they produce, and this can best be seen in our handmade brushes. The natural bristle is meticulously wire laid into the brush by hand using an age-old method known as hand drawing. Bristles are soft to the touch and help to keep your hair looking shiny and healthy

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