Hair Brush Cleaning Tool

  • The Kent hairbrush cleaner is the best brush cleaner for keeping your hair brush clean from dead hairs and dandruff that accumulate through the normal use of a brush. The hard nylon bristles effortlessly remove dead hair, keeping your brush good as new
  • Hair brush cleaners are essential for extending the lifetime of your hair brushes. Use on a Kent brush to ensure that your brush thoroughly cleans and isn't spreading dead skin cells, dust, lint, and natural oils from your hair, which prevents filth
  • The 6" long plastic handle is comfortable and durable enough to support removing even the most tangled mess of hair and debris from your hair brushes. Simply insert the bristles at the cushion of the brush and pull it down the brush's bristles or hair brush cleaning tool
  • The Kent hair brush cleaners tool is suitable for all types of hairbrush, whether boar bristle, nylon, or metal pins, the stiff bristles of the LPC3 will leave your brush looking as clean as the day you bought it, without damaging the brush or bristles