Pure Flow Ball Tipped Pins Large Vented Paddle Hair Brush

  • Detangling Brush: 9.75 Inch. Detangler brush and vented brush made in England from FSC approved natural wood. Ideal for quick drying, effortless detangling, and straightening shoulder length to long hair. Will leave your hair smooth, soft and tangle-free
  • The innovative vented design maximizes airflow and minimizes blow-drying time. The best paddle brush for blow drying soft, bouncy, curls. Each brush in the Pure Flow range features a curved handle for a comfortable and secure hold while drying and styling
  • Discover Pure Flow, Kent’s first range using FSC-certified natural wood. The Pure Flow range, including packaging, is made from FSC-certified natural wood. By choosing this product, you are supporting responsible management of the world’s forests