Benefits Of A Bath Brush

June 27, 2022 3 min read

Benefits Of A Bath Brush

Why Body Brushing?

If you are looking to rejuvenate your skin, have great hygiene, and feel happier and healthier, then you should be using a body brush on a regular basis while you shower. Using a body brush can get rid of flaky dead skin, improve circulation, digestion, prevent the appearance of cellulite, and much more.

In addition to shower brushing, dry body brushing can be an ideal option to add to your daily routine because it can help to rebuild your skin and avoid premature skin aging.

As you consider adding dry brushing to your daily routine, you should understand that shower brushing is the best option for your skin’s overall health. A regular shower brushing routine will help you to keep your skin looking smooth and glowing, and its benefits go beyond the surface.



Under Your Skin

The physical act of using a Kent bath brushwill reduce muscle tension and help you to relax from a stressful day. When you take a body brush and use it gently to massage your skin, you improve blood circulation throughout all your body. Any bath or shower can become a meditation or a relaxing spa.

Exfoliating the skin helps break the bonds between dead skin cells, allowing new cells to surface and create a youthful glow. It is also going to clear out any dirt and bacteria deep within your pores that your cleanser may have missed. Clearing out pores minimizes their appearance and makes you less vulnerable to breakouts on your skin.

Dry brushing stimulates your nervous system, which can make you feel extremely revitalized and relaxed, much like a massage does. The skin is the largest organ in the human body, and it excretes a third of the body’s toxins. Dry brushing helps to unclog pores and excrete toxins that have become trapped in the skin which improves your overall texture, light reflection, and luminosity.

Hot water inflames your skin and strips away the oils, fats, and proteins that keep your skin healthy. This can cause redness and itching. Brushing your skin while it is dry allows you to exfoliate and increase blood circulation without robbing it of moisture the way the hot water in your shower can.

Therefore, choosing between dry or wet exfoliation might be a matter of personal preference.

Please consider that skin that is broken or has cuts, sores, sunburns, or scrapes should not be brushed at all. Avoid using a dry brush if you have skin conditions such as eczema, acne, or excessively dry skin. If your skin gets inflamed easily, it’s better to avoid any harsh exfoliating action. This means that you may have to stick with gentle, wet brushing. Brushing is generally safer for those with oily and normal skin than for those with dry skin.

 Final Thoughts

Using a bath brush will have great benefits for your overall skin’s health and it would be ideal for you if you want smoother and glowing skin. There are also other benefits such as blood circulation and the removal of bacteria deep in the pores of your skin. Considering the sensitivity of the skin and most practical use, we advise that you get this Kent bath brush. Kent is recognized as one of the world's oldest and most prestigious hairbrush manufacturers and with over 240 years of experience, they possess the finest range of high-quality bath brushes in the world. The FD3 bath brush is a long handle bath/shower brush with a detachable head designed for home spa experiences.

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